Trench - 2012
Represa - 2009

Near the airport, in Peru. The work was delayed more than four months, when three workers died due to the collapse of the walls of the trench. Management contact EMC to help them with the problem. We supply them with 12 trench boxes 6m American long x 2.4m high and 5 trench boxes 4m long x 2.4m high for use in the installation of your city plumbing system. The work was completed on time and without any further accident.

A project that protects a million people and more than 50,000 structures. The dam provides flood protection crucial for the entire city. It takes hundreds of workers and thousands of tons of steel to build this monster of 400,000 cubic yards. Together, together with our partners and hundreds of suppliars around the world, we have contributed to the construction which final cost after completion estimated around 410 million.

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